A family business

Jan's Craft Brewery is a family business. The founder of the brewery is Mr. Jan Łapaj, the creator of the Łapaj Group, which also includes two hotels: Vi llaVerde**** Congress & SPA in Zawiercie and Hotel VerdeMontana**** in Kudowa Zdrój. All three entities work closely together and are managed by Mr and Mrs Łapaj's family.

First beer

In August 2015, we brewed our first beer. In the initial phase, we had a two -vessel brewhouse with a 20 hl bang and tanks, enabling us to produce around 300 hl of beer per month. After a few months of brewing, we carried out the first expansion of the brewery in response to market signals. Our maturation room was enriched with new tanks and the brewery's production capacity increased from 300 hl to 600 hl per month.


In May 2017, we replaced the bottling line together with the pasteuriser. The tu nnel pasteuriser was replaced by a modern flow pasteuriser. Working with such high -end equipment, we have extended the shelf life of our beer to 7 months


In October 2017, we expanded the maturation facilities once again, adding more tanks with a capacity of 60 hl. In 2019, we increased the brewery's capacity to 1,400 hl of beer per month and expanded the brewhouse to 34hl.

Brewery now

We were the first craft brewery in Poland to make beer in cans. Our quality was also appreciated by the owners of several top contact breweries in Poland for whom we had the pleasure of brewing beer as a service. We are currently working on enriching our offer with a gluten-free Ale-style beer.

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